Relier - Real Estate broker in Sweden

A real estate broker in Sweden to count on

There are a number of real estate brokers in Sweden; some have small agencies while others are larger with several offices covering bigger parts of the country. The atmosphere in Sweden is generally trustworthy that believes in truth and honesty, but even so, there are variations in the agencies’ ability to deliver.

No matter if you are looking for a Swedish real estate broker in a specific part of the nation, or if you are interested in a wider coverage of estates, Relier is a broker to count on. We pride ourselves with efficiency, access to the most interesting estate objects and a friendly staff always ready to go as far as needed in order to close deals over which both parties are satisfied. For four years now, Relier has been awarded the title of "Best Real Estate Broker of the Year" in the south of Sweden and the market is prospering.

Relier has a total of five offices from Malmo and Helsingborg in the south to Stockholm in the north, plus of course, the two largest cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg. This way we cover most parts of this long country and no estates are excluded from our services.

Relier opened its business in 2009 so the company’s name is fresh. The manpower behind it is however well experienced since Relier from the start was a coalition of some already well-established real estate firms in the business. The real estate consults in Relier have massive experience in the Swedish real estate market and a burning passion for bringing together the right buyer and seller for pleasing deals for both parts. It’s a job we wake up in the morning loving to execute.

The staff consists of 15 devoted consults with a great passion for closing satisfying deals, it is very important for us that both sellers and buyers are happy with each deal we help close.

Skillingaryd, Vaggeryd

6 500 m² Read more

Lindholmen, Göteborg

180 m² Read more

Mölndal, Mölndal

505 m² Read more

Hisings Backa, Göteborg

1 300 m² Read more

Sävedalen, Partille

204 m² Read more

Centrum, Kungälv

831 m² Read more


What does Relier offer?

We offer help and guidance for both parts of the real estate market. If you want to sell or rent out a real estate, shop, office, warehouse or industry, you may contact the office closest to the estate and someone from our staff will guide you through the process. There is no knowledge about the market or the vital steps to land a good deal needed from your side, we take care of all that and make sure you find the buyer or tenant you’re looking for.

If you belong to the other side, with an interest in buying or renting a place somewhere in this beautiful country, we are of just as much assistance. First you can take a look at which has a complete translation into both English and Danish. At the site you can use our practical search engine to find interesting objects. You are also welcome to contact one of our offices for personal guidance. For buyers all our services are completely free of charge.